Friday, January 11, 2008

Abu Dhabi to showcase the unique concept of Building for Today

William McDonough treescrapper tower
"Building for Today", a conceptual design for a skyscraper, which can do "everything that a tree can do, except replicate" will be presented by a design visionary at the Abu Dhabi World Future Energy Summit, to be held in Abu Dhabi next month.

William McDonough, was commissioned by Fortune magazine, to come up with a design for skyscraper office tower, which would bring about a 100 percent impact on people and place. Eversince McDonough and his team embarked on the project, they have been approached by numerous companies interested in turning his idea into reality.

Speaking during an interview, McDonough said "We actually came up with 'a building for the present', something that has been possible today, which incorporates the idea of building like a tree - A building that receives energy from sun, grows food, builds soil, purifies water, provides habitat for hundreds of species, changes colors with seasons, and creates micro-climates. A building that does everything that a tree would do, except self-replicate."

McDonough will discuss the idea during the World Future Energy Summit, due to be held in Abu Dhabi between the 21st and 23rd of January, and he will be joined in Abu Dhabi by other prominent architects. This initiative emphasizes on education, research and investment in the future of energy and environmental sustainability.

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