Wednesday, December 05, 2007

UAE Realty to grow beyond 2015

As per two recent studies by Damac Capital International and HSBC, the UAE, which accounts for more than sixty percent of the real estate development in the region, is expected to experience the realty boom beyond 2015.

Analysts forecast that Dubai, which continues to experience major demand would continue to surpass supply for a couple of years more, while the Abu Dhabi market, is expected to pick up and maintain high rental yields beyond seven percent until 2013.

The analysts of Damac Capital, Pamela Chikhani and Hany Seif, predicts that although the Dubai property market signifies only a small fraction of global market, it will continue to be a major force in the regional real estate investment.

Asteco, a Dubai-based realty agent, reveals that the Dubai property market accounts for 47 percent of the entire GCC market. Abu Dhabi is a distant second with 14 percent. Hence both Dubai and Abu Dhabi put together, account for more than 60 percent of GCC real estate market.
It has been estimated that within the next decade realty investors would pump in about $300bn into Dubai's real estate developments.

However, HSBC's Analysts believe that, Abu Dhabi emirate would establish itself as a new regional real estate market, as the sales activity has picked up this year, and the market remains very tight with stronger-than-expected growth in prices and rents.

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