Monday, December 17, 2007

Office Rents in Dubai, Doha to surge by 20%

The office rents in Dubai, and Doha are likely to go up by 20% next year, as the demand surpasses supply, and due to the expansion of international business in the Gulf region, revealed the property services company, CB Richard Ellis.

"The top-quality offices in Dubai, cost as much as Dh.500 per square foot, and this in-turn could increase prices to Dh.600 per square feet next year, which would continue for 18 months, and thereafter the prices may probably halve to about Dh.300 per square foot in another five or six years with an increase in market supply" says Nicholas Maclean, the Managing Director, CB Richard Ellis.

However, at present, there are not enough supplies reaching the market, which would do no good to the businesses or for the government.

As far as Doha property is concerned, the demand is increasing, with an expansion in oil and gas companies, and the government is seeking new space. Although, the prices in Doha are lower than that in Dubai, the trends are the same.

On the other hand cities in India, Egypt, and Philippines are gaining advantage from the rising prices, as businesses turn to them for back-office operations, said Maclean.

The office space in Dubai is likely to more than triple touching 100 million square feet, as against the present 30million, during the next five to six years, Maclean concluded.

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