Saturday, November 03, 2007

Uptown Midriff freehold residential development

Uptown Midriff freehold
The 23 hectare freehold residential development, Uptown, is a one of a kind development in the heart of the busy and popular Midrif area, with a shopping district and neighbourhood atmosphere, all in one place. Residents are placed with a wide choice of apartments, townhouses and villas to choose from, all of which are completed, apart from about 350,000 square feet of retail shopping space.

Uptown provides the right environment for small families with a choice of three bedroom town houses and row houses, surrounded by quiet streets and gardens. With the Commons recreational center, clubhouse, swimming pool, children play areas and seating areas and a gym that surrounds the environment, residents can easily keep themselves occupied.

The apartments are of four different types - the Terrace and Garden apartments with two bedrooms, offering outdoor space of living in a villa, and Gate and Courtyard apartments that comprise studios, single and double bedroom apartments.

The retail area offers much more for residents to enjoy, apart from the numerous amenities that are available. A covered porch which leads to open-style walkways, restaurants, shops, cafes, medical center, supermarket, cinemas and amusement areas, and a family food court, all in a relaxed environment for one and all to enjoy. Life in Uptown Mirdiff is all about comfortable and safe living, amidst a wealth of amenities in a neighbourhood that is full of activities, with the residents enjoying life to the fullest.

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