Monday, November 05, 2007

The Palm Jebel Ali Water homes

The Palm Jebel Ali Waterhomes are indeed a unique and rare property, and if you are looking to invest or buy, then we will be privileged to guide you to the best location that suites your budget and meets your requirements.
Palm Jebel Ali Waterhomes

The Waterhomes maintain the same design throughout, and are uniform in appearance, when looking at the master plan. The only difference is its location. They are created in the pattern of a poem and the words written in Arabic around the inner Palm, when read from above the sky, reads as "Take wisdom from the wise - not everyone who rides a horse is a jockey". While some of the houses appear away from the sea, the others are close to the land. While a few houses are open to sea views, the others have shoreline views. However, it is purely the matter of budget and choice.

Located between the Crescent and the Crown of the Pal Jebel Ali, the Water Homes are a range of elevated retreat homes, that resemble bungalows linked to each other with wooden boardwalks to create a 12kms circular chain. There are about 1060 Waterhomes, that boast of luxurious amenities, featuring private moorings for personal boats, which will be an asset for ocean lovers.

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