Thursday, November 29, 2007

Innovative building with Sandwich Panels at Al Reem nearing completion

The first building built without any wood or steel or concrete, is nearing completion on Al Reem Island of Abu Dhabi. The building, constructed with 'sandwich panels' is made of composite materials that are usually used in making new generation aircraft, including the Airbus 350 and Boeing 787.

The project is expected to be the new corporate office of Tameer Holding, which is currently working on a $1.9bn complex on the Al Reem Island.

The techonology which emphasizes on cost-saving and faster construction, has been introduced to the region by the InnoVida Group in collaboration with Safeer Group, a UAE based company. InnoVida is a US multinational company with operations in Africa, Germany, Central and South America and Middle East, which came to limelight with Pyramid, installed at Hyde Park in UK by the renowned pop star Romero Britto.

The Chief Executive of Tameer, Dr. Abdallah Shaaban, said "We hope our building on Al Reem will be the first structure to inspire other builders in adapting this technology and will go a long way in saving construction time and energy."

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