Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dubai Studio City commences first phase of construction works

A member of TECOM Investments, Dubai Studio City (DSC) has announced that the construction of Phase I of its commercial complex has commenced, and will be complete by December 2008.

Spread over 490,000 square feet, the development will have a range of office spaces, suitable for small and medium business set-ups, freelancers, production houses, and animation and graphic design companies.
Dubai Studio City

Dedication to the growth of radio production, film, TV, post-production and broadcast industries in the region, the Studio City will comprise 14 sound stages, and an area of 3.5million square feet for commercial offices, a business center, pre-built studios and post-production studios.

The Director of Dubai Studio City, Jamal Al Sharif, said that they are investing in developing a state of the art model which will help the partners in conducting a seamless operation. The Commercial Complex at the Dubai Studio City will comprise customized office space, to meet the needs of post-production companies.

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