Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sorouh launches Al Ghadeer development at Dubai-Abu Dhabi border

The Abu Dhabi-based real estate developer, Sourouh Real Estate, has launched Al Ghadeer, a new development at Saih As Sidirah, located at Dubai-Abu Dhabi border.

Al Ghadeer is a self-sustaining mixed-use development, driving home the concept of 'easy living', and hosts a range of recreational, commercial, educational and social amenities. Stretching about three million square meters in area, Al Ghadeer comprises apartments, townhouses and villas that make an affordable luxury living, designed for convenience of residents working in Dubai.

Al Ghadeer developments from Sorouh

The CEO of Sorouh Real Estate, Mounir D. Haidar, said "This is a prominent site with tremendous potential due to its easy accessibility to major highways that link most commercial centers in the UAE. The ideal location of the site at the Dubai-Abu Dhabi border helps in meeting the commercial and residential demand from a broad area, including new industrial developments. Considering the increased housing prices and cost of living in Dubai, Al Ghadeer is a welcome relief due to its reasonable pricing and extensive onsite facilities."

Apart from advanced technological features such as WiFi, covering the entire community, Al Ghadeer comprises three schools (2 local and 1 international), apart from four junior schools. Other recreational facilities such as hotels, retail outlets, outdoor sporting facilities, cinemas and cafes, all networked through the green spaces and shimmering water bodies including a feature lake, together make a perfect living for those yearning to lead an active lifestyle.

The development is open for registration at the Cityscape 2007.

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