Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dh.224b Arabian Canal expected to be a 'wonder' of the engineering world

Arabian Canal
Dubai, on Tuesday, unveiled a 75-km canal, which would re-shape the southern part of Dubai, transforming the huge Jebel Ali land mass into an island.

This latest mega-project of New Dubai, the Arabian Canal, will turn out to be the biggest and most expensive engineering feats in the world, costing $61 billion (Dh.224 billion).

The giant project will be built in two phases - the first phase is the 75kms canal, worth $11 billion that connects Palm Jebel Ali to the Palm Jumeirah, and the second phase is a 'city within a city' worth $50billion, which covers 20,000 hectares across the southern flank of the canal.

The global real estate branch of Dubai World, which is developed by Limitless, will also bring about a transformation on the arid terrain which stretches from outskirts of New Dubai to Jebel Ali.

"The Arabian Canal, will no doubt, be one of the wonders of the Engineering world," commented Saeed Ahmad Saeed, CEO of Limitless.

The canal, measuring about 150 meters in width and six meters in depth, will flow locally from Dubai Waterfront, through east of new Dubai World Central International Airport and finally will turn back to Palm Jumeirah.

The entire canal project is due for completion towards 2010.

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Dubai Smart Moves Property said...

What a great project that will create a wonderful waterfront community our only concern that the project gets over developed and it would be over saturated with more high rise buildings, let’s hope it won’t.