Saturday, September 15, 2007

Schon Properties extends promotional offer for 'Dubai Lagoon' purchasers

Schon Properties, the developers of Dh.3billion Dubai Lagoon Development, has announced their special promotion offer during the holy month of Ramadan. Customers who purchase an apartment at Dubai Lagoon during the holy month, can rest assured that their existing rent will be paid for one year.

Considering the increasing rent rates faced by residents in Dubai, Schon Properties launched a campaign, in line with their campaign "we are listening," with an intention to gift something to all its new customers who buy an apartment during Ramadan.

On purchase of the apartment during the Ramadan period, 15% down-payment is required and then the rent rebate will start to occur on quarterly basis, after three months from the date of purchase.

The Vice President of Schon Properties, Danial Husaid said "Ramadan is a very special period for people in the region, and after our extensive market research, we understand that sky-rocketing rent prices is the biggest issue faced by the public in Dubai today. Hence, we have decided to offer any customer who purchases his home during Ramadan, any existing rent for full year. As, for most residents in Dubai, not having to pay rents will make a huge difference in their savings towards new home!"

The special offer from Schon Properties is valid only for the month of Ramadan, and until the stocks last. There are more than 100 apartments available for this promotion, and the stock includes mostly single and double bedroom apartments, with limited studio apartments too.


Karen said...

In relation to DUBAI LAGOONS by SCHON PROPERTIES, I was informed this morning that they are now scrapping all the original plans and re-zoning. My apartment, which should have been ready December 2008 is now scheduled for completion in March 2011. I was told that compensation would be decided on handover, the formula for calculating the same had not been decided upon but would be influenced by whether or not I'd paid my installments on time! I said the very least they could offer was to pay rent on a 1 bed apartment until they gave me what I'd bought from them in good faith, to which the reply was “You are not the only person to ask for that”, I'm sure I'm not. It is important that the market knows what to expect from developers. I'm not one to use the word' fight' but I'd like to see all buyers who are potentially going to suffer from this project ‘rework’ to present themselves at Schon Properties to seek a solution. I'd also like to know what the real estate authority has to say about developers hanging onto investors’ money for an additional 2 years.

Karen said...

Ask Schon Properties about delays to handover of apts due for completion in Dec 08 now March 2011!!

Suyash said...

I do agree. I booked two apartments and am repenting now. They have got some CRM team which does not even allow us to see senior officials. They have still not got contractors for my units and are guessing completion for 2010 Dec. I am with any group which want to meet their Chairperson or official authorities. My demand is either they return our money or else give us a Holiday period equal to delays in our payments.


FOROUD said...

To all owners of dubai lagoon who are awaiting for God knows many more years for completion of their apartments(as per OA was to be handover by 2008 ?????),we must all unite and arrange meeting with the top management A.S.A.P to take back our moneny and compensation NOW or Schon to hand over the apartments NOW,together we can do it.

Please do not accept any offer as up to now all have been empty promises by monthly changing of CRMs/operation managers who hAVE NO SAY LEGALY .