Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Eye on Realty launches Property Management Department

Eye On Realty Brokers has announced the launch of a dedicated Property Management Department, designated to open accounts for clients and investors, who wish to obtain short-to-long term returns on their property portfolio in UAE.

The Sales and Marketing Director of the firm, Kayhan Khalil, said "The division will have dedicated staff who will work towards obtaining the best possible returns on properties, which the clients are likely to have entrusted Eye On Realty to exclusively manage. We will analyze the possible options, explain them a number of different routes from short-term to long-term options, quoting guaranteed returns, based on which the clients could arrive at their decision."

The Business Development and Marketing Communications Manager, Babak Golriz, mentioned that establishing such a department has been a long-time dream of the company, and being an attractive proposition, it is sure to draw a large number of clients, as the department already has numerous contracts in hand, despite not being made public yet.

Eye on Realty already has a large portfolio of units that are being managed by the company currently, despite being in the initiation stage. 'Eye On Realty' is also planning to enter into a tie-up with a major player in the holiday-home provider during the next couple of weeks, as it would help extend the scope of services and provide potential investors and clients.

A formal announcement regarding the operations of Eye On Realty, and details of the agreement with the un-named company is expected anytime soon.

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