Saturday, September 08, 2007

ACC wins largest single building construction contract worth Dh2.7bn

ACC - Arabian Construction CompanyAldar Properties has awarded the contract worth Dh.2.7billion to Arabian Construction Company (ACC) for construction of three towers including an eighty eight storey structure at the Central Market located in the core of Abu Dhabi's Central Business District. This is the largest contract ever for single building to be awarded in Abu Dhabi.

Designed by Foster & Partners, the leading UK architects, the project comprises a five star hotel tower, a residential tower, commercial tower and a four-star restaurant, in addition to the residual retail podium, which is due for an award next month.

The Residential Tower with 88 storeys measuring 382 meters in height, will be the tallest tower on the Abu Dhabi skyline, housing 489 luxury apartments.

The five-star hotel tower will comprise 55 storeys with 279 rooms and 132 serviced apartments.
The commercial tower will have 58 storeys with sufficient office space.

The smallest tower with 16 storeys, will be a four-star hotel comprising 212 rooms.

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metal said...

I have seen the ACC inquiry fron one B2B website for the costruction material

maybe ACC inlude many email id or branch in different countries

how to connect with the related reseponsible person for the jeddah office purchase email or other contact way