Monday, August 20, 2007

Property owners follow new trends while renting out flats

Renting out flats or rooms with preference attached to caste, religion or nationality has not been uncommon in Dubai until the recent past.

This trend however, seems to be changing with time, as now, certain property firms also prefer to rent out entire buildings to people belonging to the same nationality. Although, this could be considered as discrimination, the officials do not necessarily think so.

The officials are of the opinion that, as more and more individuals from various nationalities are being drawn to Dubai, when people of the same nationality live together, there is likely to be more harmony and peace.

For instance, the new building in Rigga Al Buteena Area, has eighteen flats comprising studio, and one to four bedrooms halls which has been set aside only for the Filipino nationals.

Talking on this issue, Nizam Hasan, a bachelor, is said to have mentioned that a building in such a prime location would attract huge bachelor crowds, particularly, with the rule imposed by the civic body that bachelors could live anywhere, except villas. He said "I though the company just preferred the Filipinos more than other nationalities, but on enquiry got to know that it was set aside only for Filipino community. This is not a good idea, as bachelors are already facing accommodation problems. This is discrimination, and the authorities should look into the matter."

However, Mohsen Kafri, the Manager of Pearl Island Real Estate, who manages the building, mentioned "We respect individuals of all nationalities. However, having been in this business for the past couple of years, we have seen that people of same nationalities live more harmoniously as they share same culture and communicate easily with one another."

Khafri also mentioned that they plan to acquire more residential properties which they wish to rent out to other nationalities in the same manner, and in future they intend to rent out flats exclusive for 'women' and 'men' separately.

The Head of Buildings Inspection Section of Dubai Municipality, Omar Mohammed Abdul Rahman, mentioned that although they have not come across a situation like this as yet, the real estate companies have the right to rent out the flats to anybody of their choice, and that, any such grievances could be brought to the notice of the rent committee.

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