Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ground work in The Palm Jebel Ali, nearing completion

Nakheel has announced completion of more than half of the ground works at The Palm Jebel Ali.
The company is currently under the process of using a technique called "vibrocompaction" wherein the specially designed vibrating probes help increase the bearing capacity of the soil, and makes it ready for construction. This work helps in ensuring that no land subsidence will take place in future.

Currently eighteen vibroprobes are being used for the work, with each probe holding a capacity of 1800 revolutions per minute, and weighs approximately 2600 kgms, resulting in a force of 30 to 50 tonnes, according to statement from Nakheel.

The vibrocompaction increases the soil bearing capacity of the reclaimed land by more than eighty percent, and creates a land mass that equals the mainland Dubai, in its strength.

The Palm Jebel Ali, Managing Director, Marwan Al Qamsi, has assured that the process will ensure the strength of the island, and added that through this process of vibrocompaction, the desired result which would require twenty years for accomplishment by natural process will be achieved within months.

The process also ensures that the reclaimed land mass in The Palm Jebel Ali will be strong enough for construction of high-rises, and also ensures that the island will not move or sink.

Now, with most of the reclamation work nearing completion, Nakheel has already begun the infrastructure work, which is eventually capable of supporting a population of more than 250,000 people.

The Palm Jebel Ali will host a population of 1.7million by 2020.

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