Saturday, August 18, 2007

ADNEC site construction work on schedule

Construction work for Adnec (Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center) Site is on schedule and will be completed by 2008, said the officials.
adnec Abudhabi

The Adnec Sales and Marketing Director, Paul Vincent, stated that the extension of exhibition space will be delivered by October or September 2008, and the tower will be ready by the following year.

The entire ADNEC development, inclusive of the 2.3kilometer Marina, four or five hotels, and most other facilities will be completely operational by 2011.

To commemorate the current status of construction, the officials are said to have buried a time capsule into the foundations of the building. The capsule was inscribed as "A Moment in Time", which contains artifacts that throw a light into the daily life in Abu Dhabi.

Officials, Architects and representative from Adnec and Arabtec (the construction company) were present during the occasion.


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That because of the global economic crisis. let see what will happen this coming year 2012...

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Cyrus Gilmore said...

Looking at the picture, I'm honestly amazed with how architects and construction workers use the builders hoist to make a building that doesn't stand straight up. I just can't seem to imagine how they do that, and that's what impresses me the most. This is why I'm looking forward to witness the actual construction of these kinds of buildings.


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