Thursday, August 30, 2007

Abu Dhabi Municipality announces unique EMERALD GATEWAY Project

The Abu Dhabi Municipality has announced the unique, prestigious Emarald Gateway Project, worth Dh.7 billion dollars, being developed in partnership with the private sector. The project will be located along the main highway Coast Road, right in between the Abu Dhabi International Airport and Abu Dhabi downtown, through a main artery highway that leads to the city.

emerald gateway abu dhabi
The development comprises 88 Towers, which will be developed on either sides of a 3.5 kilometer segment on the Highway. The Site has all the necessary potential to develop into a high-end residential and hotel destination.

The Abu Dhabi Municipality got the Master Plan for the project, tailor-made by KEO International Consultants. The plan was recently approved by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed. In one look, the plan puts before us a powerful vision for "green" residential communities, besides including hotel complexes and a business park.

The Emerald Gateway rather than being just a development, also takes into consideration the community level desires and national level aspiration, with dramatic enhancement of all its surroundings. It will be a wonderful experience for all those who enter and leave Abu Dhabi, while they pass through the extensively shaped landscaped highway corridor, imprinting an ever-lasting memory about their drive along the stretch of the road of the Emerald Gateway.

In the center, one gets to see a giant artistically designed sculpture, inspired by the wings of falcon, which will be located inside the Sculpture Park. Resting on a reflecting pool, this will make an attractive gateway to the city during the day, while at night, it will be all lighted up to glow as two translucent forms. Their surging forms will be a mark of respect to the high achievements of the nation, and will celebrate the national pride of the City of Abu Dhabi. On the whole, the scheme is an integration of many landscaped features through numerous pedestrian links to adjoining communities.

The 88 Towers of the Emerald Gateway are located in two separate development districts; the Canal Park Neighbourhood and the Recreational Park Neighbourhood.

The Canal District, located along an existing water canal, will be developed with walkways and rich green spaces so as to form a Canal Park Neighbourhood for 42 tower plots along the edge of the canal. It will include numerous green gardens, restaurants and retails, terraces for ground level cafes, and a roundabout boardwalk. It stretches from the western edge of the Canal District to the eastern edge, ending with a fountain promenade that serves not only the tower residents, but also those in Al Maqta area.

The Recreational Park Neighbourhood, located along the Southern edge of the site, comprises 46 tower plots in a richly landscaped surrounding. The Park begins at the western edge, that includes two football field sized green areas and stretches to the east incorporating children's play areas, tennis courts, gardens and walkways.

The development also includes a Ceremonial Entrance with a Gateway Reflecting Pool, located along its western edge.

According to the Abu Dhabi Municipality officials, the development is likely to be one of the major public-private partnering developments ever launched by the Abu Dhabi Government. The Government will invest another billion ($242.4 million) for the landscaping and infrastructure services.

The Municipality and KEO officials have confirmed that a binding design and construction guideline will be issued to every plot owner to ensure the quality of design and construction, and their adherence to the master plan.

The CEO of KEO, Donna Sultan, the lead for creation of the Master Plan commented "Rather than looking at the site as the one filled with constraints, we foresaw a fantastic opportunity of putting together the master plan of the site, with its geographical prominence, being located between the City of Abu Dhabi and the airport, and came up with a world-class setting of the Emerald Gateway, which speaks about high national and community goals."

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