Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tecom has set up SDC to design green buildings

Energy and Environment Park (Enpark) by Tecom has given rise to a green building consultancy, namely, Sustainable Design Consultants (SDC) which is dedicated for providing building solutions in the UAE and in the region.

SDC offers advice on nearly seventy buildings in Dubai, including the DuBiotech, IMPZ, Dubai Studio City etc., which are designed as per the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment) guidelines.

Tecom CEO, Abdullatif Almulla, is said to have stated that Sustainable Design Consultants provide not just the local experience of implementing green building certification, but also provides a durable overall value to the community with a regenerative way of building.

"Setting up of SDC indicates that Dubai is actually responding to the global concerns regarding environment, as it builds up the resources and skills for sustainable planning so as to benefit the future generation," he added.

SDC has secured projects from real estate developers in Dubai, who will assist Enpark in developing itself into a sustainable free zone with its team of LEED, the accredited professionals expertized in development, design, execution and maintenance.

The Director of Enpark, Ali bin Towaih said "Green building projects with sustainable design requires planning ahead, as the selection of the site and building orientation will critically affect the future performance of planned activities."

"While initiatives are being made to advance green building principles in Dubai, SDC will consider implementing a better design and greener infrastructure which remains as a role model for a more pleasant community," Ali bin Towaih said.

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