Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Oberoi Group of India to open hotels in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Oberoi, the leading luxury hotel developer of India, plans to operate two hotels, one each in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, representing the entry of the group into the fast emerging regional tourism destination.

At Abu Dhabi, Oberoi plans to manage a resort property and a city hotel, though the developers are yet to be known. An agreement has already been signed for construction of a hotel in Dubai, which is a part of the Dh.800 million property project being developed by Rani International at the Business Bay.

The Chairman of the Group, P.R.S. Oberoi, mentioned that the company’s development plan is focused on Asia and Middle East.

Oberoi Group has thirty two hotels in five countries already, and is planning to launch new properties at Muscat, Maldives, Marrakesh, Cambodia, Thailand and Sharm Al Shaikh. It also has about a dozen hotels under development.

Oberoi said "It is very difficult to make a target. You have to have the right partner, the right location, and the right market. We are only going to build luxury hotels, and not big ones."

Oberoi insists on checking out the 'reputation' of potential investors before signing a contract, rather than the amount of money the investor has.

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