Thursday, May 17, 2007

RAK Properties awarded Dh340m Mina Al Arab contract to Darwish

Darwish Engineering Emirates and RAK Properties have entered into a deal of Dh.340million to carry out the infrastructure works of the Mina Al Arab project.

Mina Al Arab, worth Dh.10billion, launched during May 2006 by RAK Properties, is a mixed used development, with a unique mix of hospitality, leisure and residential components, contributing significantly in making Ras Al Khaimah as the much sought-after tourism destination.

Darwish has been awarded the contract for Mina Al Arab, as it is a prominent engineering firm with a rich portfolio of successful project history in the UAE, particularly in Ras Al Khaimah. The complete package of the infrastructure works for Mina Al Arab has been undertaken by Darwish.

The nature of work entrusted to Darwish by RAK Properties include the modern methods of wastewater treatment, high and low voltage electrical works, drainage works, potable water networks, street lighting, roads and bridges and telecommunication networks.

The Managing Director, RAK Properties, Mohammad Sultan Al Qadi, has mentioned that the company was eagerly on the look out for a contracting company who could meet up the targets and quality standards of this project, and they found the right choice in Darwish, who have a good record of producing quality results on-time.

According to the contract, the infrastructure work will begin this month-end and will be completed within eighteen months.

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