Saturday, May 05, 2007

Planet Group to develop hotels in the region

The Arabian Travel Market 2007 witnessed the launch of ‘Planet Group’, a conglomerate of eleven reputed companies from the travel and hospitality sector.

The Chairman of the Group, George M Moussa, mentioned that the success of tourism in Dubai is based on the fact that it is a unique, plentiful and quality destination with dedicated professionals in the tourism sector coupled with the strong marketing efforts from the Dubai Government. The aim of the group is to assist the tourism industry in the city and add its share of social and economic contribution.

The Group intends to build a five star restaurant, a convention centre complex and an apartment with a total cost of Dh600 million at Danat in Abu Dhabi. The hotel with 440 rooms and 190-unit apartment complex is expected to be completed by mid-2009.

The eleven companies in the group will be managing various sectors such as travel, hospitality, freight, cargo, hotel, real estate, aviation, logistics, entertainment, exhibitions and food and beverage.

The Group already operates and manages the Orient Guest House, Arabian Courtyard Hotel and Spa, Show Biz Pizza Place and Galaxy Plaza Hotel. Planet Group also has a real estate branch, Dynamic Real Estate, whose first project in Ajman is already in the process of development, and further aims large scale project developments.

According to reports, the inbound division of the group has already drawn 1,27,000 tourists last year.

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