Monday, May 07, 2007

Nakheel clarifies the issue over Terra Del Sol

Nakheel has cleared the air by confirming that they are the master developers of Discovery Gardens, putting an end to the confusion about the apartments in a development, Terra Del Sol, which had been marketed by Damac Properties.

The investors were basically confused about whether they had bought the apartment from Nakheel or Damac.

A representative of Nakheel mentioned that they are the master developer of Discovery Gardens, and are responsible for construction of the entire project, comprising 291 buildings with 26,000 odd multi-sized units in a family-oriented community.

Discovery Gardens, launched during July 2004, created a high demand, and the construction of the buildings began the same year. The statement from Nakheel mentions that most of these buildings are sold to developers, and hence the cost of apartments in these buildings is determined by the individual owner.

The Damac CEO, Peter Riddoch, has stated that they had purchased two buildings from Nakheel, and re-sold them to third parties during 2005. The buildings in Terra Del Sol were very similar to rest of the major development, and Damac had placed its identity tag on the two buildings for marketing purposes. The investors were also clearly notified about all details, so that they do not feel cheated.

Meanwhile, a few British investors who had booked flats during 2004-05 with Damac, claimed that while booking, they were told Damac Properties were the ones to build Terra Del Sol, keeping Nakheel as the master developer during the entire Discovery Gardens project.

A resident is said to have stated that Damac had earlier mentioned that they are the ones undertaking construction of the properties, and there was no mention of Nakheel being made. He added that he was only notified about Nakheel being the developer during the year 2006, when Damac had asked the family to sign a Power of Attorney, authorizing them to buy properties from Nakheel on their behalf.

A property developer, Sarfraz Mirza, also mentioned the same issue, and agrees that Nakheel was brought to the picture only last year at the time of signing the documents.

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