Friday, May 25, 2007

Green city project appreciated by environmentalist

The project for construction of zero-carbon and zero-waste in the capital has been supported by a leading environmentalist in the country. They city is likely to generate energy by recycling its waste, and will not produce carbon dioxide, which is one of the gases considered responsible for global warming.

The Chairperson of the Emirates Environmental Group, Habiba Al Marashi, said "It is an excellent idea and could encourage similar schemes in the future." This was mentioned in response to the announcement by Masdar, the renewable energy organization, about their plans to construct the first carbon and waste neutral city in the world, likely to be launched by end of 2009.

She added that the carbon reduction initiative is very environment-friendly, which creates more revenue for companies, while also improving their image.

Al Marashi says, "The concepts of carbon neutrality, carbon trading, and the whole initiative to address the global warming phenomenon need to become trends rather than being applied only to one-off projects."

She added that the intention of Masdar in making the city a business hub and academic center for laboratories, researchers and light manufacturers will help in spreading the zero-carbon message across the country.

Al Marashi said "I would want companies to achieve and sustain these goals in the near future and would like to see more of these projects in the mainstream."

The new city is likely to house about 1500 companies and will own the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, a science and research facility established in joint-venture with Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The power is likely to be suppied by the solar farms and wind, with an ultimate goal of making the city self-sustaining.

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