Sunday, May 13, 2007

Flats in Dubai International City delayed beyond schedule

People who purchased flats at the Dubai International City are complaining about the delay in handing over their new homes by about a year.

While the buyers mentioned that they are already under considerable financial pressure due to this waiting, neither Tamweel, the home finance provider, nor Nakheel, the developer have actually mentioned when their apartments are likely to be ready.

A Nakheel official however mentioned that the delivery of the first phase of buildings at the Dubai International City that began during August 2006 was on schedule and is making good progress. He added that flexibility in schedule is essential during such large scale developments, as changes are sometimes incorporated to ensure high quality standards, which is done keeping in mind the interest of the owners.

An owner from Jordan, Naseer B, said that he had purchased two flats in the Moroccan section last year. At the time of purchase Tamweel officials had promised that the apartments would be ready by August 2006. In accordance with this, Naseer had written a tenancy agreement with his landlord during May 2006. However, from August’06 till this minute the handing over of the flats has been delayed, and Tamweel mentions that the delay is due to hold-up on Nakheel’s part.

Naseer adds that the status of work of the flats was more than eighty percent complete during August, and the situation is the same even now.

Another buyer mentioned that she had to take up a bank loan for paying the downpayment to Tamweel. She currently stays in a rented flat. So due to this delay she has been bearing the burden of bank loan plus the burden of rent for her current flat.


Stephen Dainty said...

My name is Stephen Dainty and I have purchased a studio in Persia and my agent just keeps saying they have no idea when i will get the keys, I was first promised in December 2006 I booked flights to Dubai for February and had to stay in a hotel its now the end of July 2007 and still no update as to when the apartment will be ready

Kirti said...

Hi Stephen,
really sad to know the situation. have you received the apartment now ?

Stephen Dainty said...

No and I am really worried. My agent is Homes Dubai (Homes International) Manchester. Yhey tell me a different story every time. Currently i would advise that no one buys a property through them. I have a property company who sells in Bulgaria and I am not happy with Homes Dubai