Monday, May 28, 2007

Al Kaheel luxury villa project commences at Dubailand

The Dh.1.6 billion Al Kaheel project at Dubailand, has begun, as per statements.

This makes way for the construction of 400 villas at the Eco Zone in Dubailand, meant to be a part of the Al Kaheel Residences.

A representative said "Of these 400 homes, we have 250 of them as luxury independent villas nestled amounts the valleys of their individual community areas. An additional 150 are uniquely grouped together to create our Hilltop Residences offering a new style of living within this homeland of the horse."

Though UAE has thousands of horses, Al Kaheel is expected to be the first commercial Equine Spa and Therapy Center that has been dedicated for the mental and physical well being of the performing sport horses.

The first tourist destination experience of Al Kaheel is also expected to be on-line soon. The road leading to Al Kaheel Equine Desert Safari is also under construction. This safari is likely to be the foremost among Dubailand attractions that are available to both tourists and residents.

Also the "Jewel", Fantasia Theatre and Equine Edutainment Park, is expected to be opened by 2009 and are likely to further boost the tourism industry of Dubai. Spectacular shows and performances will be available all through the day, and 365 days a year for tourists and residents alike.

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