Friday, May 11, 2007

Abu Dhabi chalks out Plan Abu Dhabi 2030

The Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 – the major development initiative of Abu Dhabi, is expected to change the UAE capital into a vibrant global metropolis within a couple of years. This move comes at the apt time, when the emirate is already witnessing a boom in development.

The total number of projects, that are already under development and those that are being announced sum up to Dh.1.47 trillion as per estimates. The Ministry of Executive Affairs at Abu Dhabi had been authorized during 2006, to design and work out two main tasks, jointly with the Department of Agriculture and Municipalities.

The first among these, were to bring the best development experts to Abu Dhabi for creation of a comprehensive plan for the evolution of the city by the year 2030. The second was to create suggestions for the best regulatory and institutional framework to manage this real estate development of Abu Dhabi.

However, Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 highlights a holistic approach to the planning policy in the city, and all individual developments will be committed to contribute a shared vision for the emirate that is surrounded by sea ecology and rare desert.

The main principles outlined by the government for shaping the development of the city under Plan Abu Dhabi 2030, are that, Abu Dhabi will remain to be a contemporary expression of an Arab City, where the people continue to live in a healthy, close and supportive proximity with one another, in the first place.

Secondly, the practice of measured growth will be continued by the city that shows a sustainable economy. Thirdly, Abu Dhabi will be taken up to reach new heights and will be moulded by a natural environment of the coastal and desert bio-networks.

Abu Dhabi will clearly indicate and maintain its stature and role as a capital city Finally, Abu Dhabi’s community infrastructure will help in maintaining the culture, values and social status of the Arab community.

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samir_radi said...

It's alaways good to know that Abu Dhabi has started to think a head... but who is doing the thinking? Always some high rank people stops what others say a vision for Abu Dhabi future...