Friday, March 02, 2007

Tenants see discrimination among nationalities

The real estate agents in Dubai are of the opinion that there is a discrimination on the basis of nationalities that has been prevailing during leasing of apartments. According to Asfaq Ebrahim, the Managing Director of Giant Real Estate, Landlords favour European tenants over others while leasing out their houses, which the real estate agents are obliged to fulfill.

An Indian National who has lived all his life in UAE expressed his shock when the Giant Real Estate agents mentioned that Indian customers would not be leased the apartment, and that they were under “strict instructions” from landlords to consider only Europeans as tenants for the apartment.

A news reader of a leading media company, who was also from India, is said to have received a similar response, and was shocked and furious about the matter. Ebrahim, although agrees that there are plenty of landlords who emphasize that they look forward only to European tenants, however, mentioned that he had to abide by the requirement of the landlords and hence cannot express any views as to who can qualify as a tenant.

Mohammad Al Shahiba, a Lawyer, states that though there is no law in particular for dealing such matters, such practices are subject to punishment if proved. Though it cannot be considered illegal, it is an unethical practice.

But, the problem with such cases is that they are difficult to be proven. After-all, the Landlord can always defend himself by claiming that he refused the tenant for personal reasons. Nevertheless, in case racism is proven, the trade license of the Landlord can be revoked by the authorities concerned. However, Liz O Connor of Better Homes, mentioned that landlord discriminate on “family size” and not against nationality.


JOHN said...

3It`s our opinion that when a tenant rents a space from a landlord their entitled to live & work in the space without being harassed providing that they observe the "rules and regulations" of the community, and properly maintain the premises.

The landlord in turn leaves the tenant alone, doesn`t spy on the tenant,nor harass the tenant in anyway. After all the FAR "Lease Agreement" clearly specifies what can and can`t be done.

We have a situation where the building is sold and the "NEW Landlord" AW ROSTAMANI REAL ESTATE has a habit of harrasing their tenants, they feel that a tenant pays them rent and than becomes a SLAVE to the landlord!
his is the case we`re involved in and it`s not pretty. The NEW landlord has issued a letters to usa saying 40% RENT increse Showing a document of R.E.R.A

He just says that he know the new law which allows the NEWLANDLORD to increse the rent as per the Market Rate.

I rented the property from UNION Properties our original Landlord and now building is sold. This is not my mistake for which i am being harrased by the NEW LANDLORD.

They don`t want the customers to come in to the building. Closed the entrances / switched off the Lights of Mall / abusing the tenants and visitors / no cleaning in the Mall / Nasty Toilets ...the NEW LAND LORD is doing all that he can do.

Almost 90 % of people living in Bur Dubai know all about "The Insanity" of the NEW landlord.

We`re upset because the unlimited HARRASMENT OF NEWLANDLORD, but there aren`t any laws protecting people from landlords.

is there any RENT regulation saying the new landlord can increase the rate as he wishes. please help us and guide

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