Friday, March 09, 2007

Property market on the web – Will this be the trend in future??

Though browsing for property on the internet still appears to be uncommon in most parts of the world, a new entrant,, is of the opinion that it is high time that this status gets upgraded.

The Founder of, Michael Hashemain has mentioned that as per a BBC survey on UK property market, it is estimated that atleast eight out of ten people will begin their property search on the internet shortly. Though the completion of such a transaction through the net is yet to be ascertained, it is a fact that people in search of a project are turning towards the internet.

Hushemian adds that incase such a trend continues in this regions in future, about fifteen odd middlemen, who are responsible for increasing the cost of the properties and also complicating the entire process could be done away with.

In addition to this, people have no time today, to go in person or talk for hours to agents and ultimately be let down. In such a situation there is an increased need for a strong web portal to take off the stress from people. According to Hashemain, the site, will display not only Landlords and Sellers who have the option of listing their properties, but will also list buyers and tenants looking to buy or rent properties. In addition, the portal will also include warehouses, residential and industrial units, plots and offices.

Hashemain is of the opinion that such a portal will cut out middlemen and save costs on the property and make the industry more transparent. He adds that all listings in the site are verified for hundred percent accuracy, as people have genuine requirement for property at present.

The website is free of charge at the moment. Revenues are likely to be received through advertisings in future. The buyers accessing the website seem to be interested in investing on completed properties.

The portal also has a facility wherein the users can list the property requirements including the price that they looking for. The site automatically finds a suitable match from its database through a certain software that is driven by application.

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