Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A few preventive measures for building safety

Following the recent fire that emerged at Jumeirah Lake Towers, strict emphasis is now being laid on the safety procedures to be carried out at the construction sites. Strict safety guidelines, worries over the construction delays and regaining the confidence of the investors have been highlighted.

In the cases of most construction projects, though the fire-fighting equipments and safety guidelines have been adhered with, the necessary training and instructions for operating the equipment has been found lacking.

Starting from the moment a developer visits a site, until the suppliers enter the sites, the safety procedures should be a part and parcel of the entire project, and everybody associated with the project should abide by it.

The accidents that happened on-site could result in delay on project completion, and will create uncertainty about the project in the mind of developers and investors which is unwarranted. And in such a circumstance, investors need to be reassured about the completion of the project, and also the assurance that similar situation is unlikely to arise after its occupation. The communication preferably should be in writing rather than oral, with sufficient proof that the crisis is under control.

Everyone should be educated about the basic fire prevention measures. All the tenants and residents should have sufficient information regarding building safety.

The measures taken by the civil authorities for executing the safety guidelines should be very strict.

Finally, the investors themselves need to ensure that the construction companies and developers adhere to the preventive measures and safety guidelines in their projects.

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