Sunday, February 04, 2007

Burj Dubai construction suffer delay

The construction of 900 million Burj Dubai, the world’s tallest building is behind schedule by a couple of months in comparison to the scheduled work timetable, as admitted by the officials.

The reason behind this hitch is mainly due to the bankruptcy faced by Schmidlin, the Swiss-based curtain walling giant, which was contracted for installation of exterior-cladding on the concrete tower.

Greg Sang, the Assistant Director of Projects, Emaar group, stated that they encountered problems with their Partners regarding the curtain wall cladding, which in turn left its impact on the site. He added that a new contractor is now working on the project, and is showing good progress.

However, Sang denied comments that the completion of construction would take a year later than its scheduled date i.e., the last quarter of 2008. He confirmed that though there could probably be a couple of months delay, the final completion date is still scheduled for end of 2008.

The exterior cladding of Burj Dubai will not only protect the tower from scorching temperature and dust levels, but also needs to withstand strong winds. The final floor count of the mega project is yet to be revealed, as there are rumors that the height of the building has been altered due to changes in design. Sang said that though the final floor count has been decided it is maintained confidential, though it is sure to exceed 160 floors on completion.


Ann Julie said...

Construction of Burj Dubai was always behind schedule even if there was no crisis.
Developers should take seriously the construction of this tower as its completion could bring much needed investors back to DUBAI.

Sara said...

Burj Dubai will be completed soon.