Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sharjah Municipality puts an end to the land row

The Sharjah Municipality demolished the structures at a disputed compound located at Al Zaha in Sharjah. More than 1200 workers are said to have been staying in these buildings. This also puts an end to a long dispute between Sharjah Municipality and the owner of the compound, after the municipality officials leveled the buildings yesterday.

According to the officials of Sharjah Municipality, the buildings were constructed in an area which was actually allocated for agricultural purposes wherein constructions of structures were prohibited. However, provisional buildings were erected within the compound, providing cheap accommodation to the workers of various companies, as the rents for labour camps in Sonapur were pretty high. The electricity to the buildings were disconnected a couple of months ago, following which the municipality had warned the tenants to move out of the compound.

The Owner of the building had obtained a stay-order from the court against demolishing the building and hence the demolition was held back for a couple of days. The compound owner and the tenants of the building are however, claiming that the lease agreement they posses, has the approval of municipality for tenancy in the buildings. In fact, the owner claims that even the building plan has been approved by the Town Planning Department and the Municipality.

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