Saturday, January 13, 2007

Good news for Gardens Residents

The Residents of “The Gardens’” are relieved and expressed their happiness regarding the statement from Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) that its projects do not require demolition of any buildings.

The Garden’s management had earlier issued notices to tenants of twelve buildings that their apartments would be affected by the proposed road construction, and as a precautionary measure, the tenancy period of the affected buildings would be extended only till the month of June in the current year.

The RTA mentioned that its statement was in response to the comments that appeared in newspapers about the impact of their project, on the buildings in the Gardens’ township. The Statement clearly confirmed that none of RTA’s projects (rail or metro), will require demolishing of any of apartments of “The Gardens”.

However, a Spokesperson of the builder Nakheel, mentioned that a final decision regarding the route of the West Parallel Road, is yet to be taken and that Nakheel is looking for further talks with RTA regarding the finalization of the road location, as it could affect any of their developments.

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