Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gardens residents heave a sigh of relief

The Gardens residents who were left “in limbo” regarding the issue of the demolition of their houses for road construction, are now relieved following the notice issued for renewal of their leases for rest of the year. The residents have expressed their happiness over the news, as everything was under a standstill until now.

During early January, the residents of certain buildings of The Gardens’ were issued notices by the management stating the management’s ability to renew their leases only until June this year. The Owner of the apartment complex, Nakheel, explained that the RTA planned to build a parallel road scheme through The Gardens which needed demolition of these buildings.

Though the RTA denied the demolition of the buildings, it mentioned the project was still in the negotiation stage. On the other hand, Nakheel was maintaining silence over the issue, leaving the residents under confusion.

Nearly two hundred members out of three hundred odd affected families had gathered on Friday at a cricket ground near their residence to exhibit solidarity. The affected buildings consist of three bedroom apartments that were leased out by the residents for only about one-third the actual market value of other similar homes in Dubai, and finding a similar accommodation was impossible for them.

Quite a few of them even considered the idea of going back to their home countries, while others had nearly settled for single bedroom apartments in Dubai as that was all they could afford.

The announcement came at the right time, and the residents are now heaving a sigh of relief.

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