Friday, January 12, 2007

Burj Al Arabi Project yet to be approved

The design of the human-shaped tower “Burj Al Arabi” which is 140 mts. in length, comprising 35 storey is in trouble, as the project is still unapproved according to the master developer Limitless, the global incorporated real estate development branch of Dubai world. The developer, AAA Group in Jumeirah Village, had earlier announced that the project was approved.

The master developer has mentioned in an e-mailed statement, that as per contract, the AAA group should compulsorily receive approval for the design from Limitless to ensure that it abides with the development code and the rules and regulations for the buildings meant for Jumeirah Village Master Plan. The statement added that the design announced is neither submitted to nor approved by Limitless.

The tower is part of the Jumeirah Village and is likely to be completed by 2009.

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