Friday, December 29, 2006

More Towers licensed by the Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality has granted permission for construction of eight more high-rise towers in various parts of Dubai City at a net cost of Dh.3.5 billion, with 11.3 million Sq.Ft. being the total built-up area. This is the first time ever that the municipality has licensed large number of towers in one month.

The Director of the Building Department, Khalid Mohammad Saleh, has stated that this clearly is an indication of the rate at which the construction activities are taking place in the City. He added that out of the eight towers that were licensed this month, five are in Dubai Marina, the tallest is a tower with hundred storeys and smallest is a thirty seven storied tower. Two other towers are to be built along Shaikh Zayed Road, one with forty nine storeys and another with seventy storeys. A Thirty Eight storied Auto Mall complex that includes an Office Tower and a three storey Car showroom is likely to come up in the Sports City in Dubai Land.

Saleh mentioned that the licenses were issued after thorough analysis of all towers by the engineers in addition to carrying out a third-party audit through a private consultant to double up the confirmation regarding the security and safety of the towers. He added that while granting license to high-rise towers, innovative designs and building efficiency are given due consideration by the Municipality.

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