Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sama Dubai supports launch of ECAT

Sama Dubai took part in the Environmental Symposium on 'Challenges and Threats to the Environment - Lessons from the Past to Shape the Future', as the Strategic Sponsor. The seminar was held from November 14-15 in Dubai.

The two day event marked the official launch of the Environmental Centre for
Arab Towns (ECAT). ECAT was founded by the Arab Town Organization (ATO) in 2005. ECAT is a scientific research institute that deals with environmental issues
concerning Arab cities' natural resources.
Sama Dubai was the only real estate developer supporting the event. Sama Dubai's environmental best practices and wide ranging initiatives to ensure the conformity of its projects, operations and procedures to the highest international environmental standards were highlighted in the event.

'The Lagoons,' was a landmark development of Sama Dubai and was taken as an example for the event. The project has been designed and constructed to ensure harmonious existence with the surrounding ecosystems.

The purpose of this event was to explore innovations and developments in hazardous and non-hazardous waste management practices, discuss ideal methods for assessing environmental threats and observe the impact of environmental and health awareness programmes on reducing, reusing and recycling wastes.

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