Thursday, November 23, 2006

Home ownership in Dubai

There are many risks involved while buying a property, especially for those venturing the market for the first time.

Many buyers have been shortchanged by developers who cut corners to reduce costs.
Some developers land in deep trouble by making savings on things which cannot be seen, such as wiring and drains. The quality of construction is often hideous.

There is an oversimplification of the property market in Dubai. More importance is given to square-foot rates and the quality of construction is often neglected.

Dubai developers lack the experience of building villas in wet climates and so do not have the necessary understanding of managing rainfall.

Air conditioning of a house is a crucial factor. Cheaper-built villas will have the uglier, officestyle square ceiling vents, as opposed to less obtrusive recessed units. Each room must have its own control unit, otherwise one will end up conditioning empty rooms and running up a huge, unnecessary electricity bill. Villas with individual room controllers may be more expensive, but will help save money in the long run.

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