Wednesday, November 15, 2006

British top UAE's real estate investors list

AC Nielsen report revealed that British migrants invest the most in Dubai's real estate sector. They invest to find appropriate opportunities in the UAE, especially in Dubai and eye property related deals.

AC Nielsen surveyed and collected data covering UAE citizens, Arab migrants, Asian migrants and those from Western regions to review the type of investment opportunities. According to the report 50 per cent planned to invest in the UAE. On the other hand, Westerners had invested the most in the UAE.

Mohammad Al Hashimi, executive chairman of Zabeel Investments, the one that commissions AC Nielsen report said, 'The results of the research are very interesting, especially those planning to stay in the UAE for a number of years.

Also, it is very clear from the migrants' hesitation that there is a serious need for clarification into the ownership and liability laws with regards to property.

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Realtor Flyer said...

Its obivious because dubai is one of the most fastest growing economy in the world. The real estate there is booming. So, it is source of constant attraction for potential investors.